Serac Sequoia Camping Hammock with Suspension System
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Product description: Serac’s Sequoia hammock system is ideal for casual campers to bold backcountry adventurers. Adventure hammock, tree hugger straps, ultralight aluminum carabiners and the attached compression sack are all included. Customer reviews:
The most comfortable double hammock - by ,July 19, 2016
5/ 5stars
The material is so soft it feels like silk. And I love how spacious the hammock is, it feels like a king sized bed!

Is bigger always better? When it comes to hammocks – of course it is!


This might just be the world’s most comfortable hammock.


And it’s almost as ultra-lightweight as our single model, PLUS you’ll feel like you’re in a king sized bed.


We know space comes at a premium on those long trips. Each colorful stuff sack features a set of compression straps to pack down your hammock as much as possible. The buckle even doubles as an emergency whistle – just one less thing to worry about on the trail.


Do you enjoy fumbling around with gear at the campsite after a long day’s hike? All of our gear is designed so set up is always a breeze. No knots required! Toss the tree straps around a set of trees, clip the carabiner in and you’re ready to relax in seconds.

everything you need to start relaxing is included

XL Diamondweave Ripstop Nylon Double Hammock

No-stretch 6ft SuspensionTree Straps x2

Ultralight Aluminum Carabiners x2

Attached Compression Sack

Emergency Whistle Buckle

Serac sequoia xl double hammock specifications and details with warranty
Serac sequoia xl double hammock snowmelt color diamonweave ripstop nylon fabric

Diamondweave Ripstop Fabric.

The softest hammock nylon. Ever.


We designed the Serac Sequoia to give you the world’s most comfortable camping hammock. It’s important to us that the Sequoia was both rugged and amazingly relaxing to sleep in. We used ultrasoft breathable nylon fortified with Diamondweave ripstop for added strength.


The result? A breathable hammock that’s incredibly soft, yet durable and lightweight. Don’t settle for the cheap, rough and scratchy fabrics.

Setup In Seconds.

Enjoy damaging the Great Outdoors? Neither do we. That’s why we don’t sell you ropes for “suspension”. Every hammock we sell includes a set of free tree straps.


We believe in the Leave No Trace principles of protecting our trees while we hang, and while giving you the easiest possible way to relax in your hammock.


When you’re looking to chill out, the last thing you want to do is mess around with ropes and knots. Serac tree straps make setup a breeze. With 10 loops running down the entire length of each strap, getting in your ideal position takes just seconds.

Serac sequoia double ultralight hammock carabiners and tree straps

Let’s get technical.

Double Hammock

  • Unfolded Dimensions: 9ft 10in(long) x 5ft 7in (wide)
  • Folded Dimensions: 6in (tall) x 6in (diameter)
  • Weight: 19oz
  • Material: Diamondweave Ripstop Nylon
  • Recommended Maximum Capacity: 500lbs
  • Stuff sack: Attached with compression straps

Tree Straps x2

  • Dimension: 6ft (long) x 1in (wide)
  • Weight: 6oz
  • Non stretch polyester ensures you don’t lose your perfect angle after hours of hanging
  • 10 anchor points so you can adjust tension and height for your perfect hang


Ultralight 1oz Aluminum Carabiners x2

comparison chart for all extra wide camping hammock types. serac sequoia, eno doublenest, grand trunk, kammock

As a two man startup company, it’s hard to always keep up with demand. So if we’re in stock, get yours ASAP!

What others have to say…

serac sequoia camping hammock star rating review
katie levy trying out a serac sequoia camping hammock

``Setting the hammock up was a piece of cake; I didn't read directions or open the hammock before I left, and was able to set it up without any trouble at all.``

- Katie Levy from Adventure Inspired

danny griffis reviews the serac sequoia camping hammock

``Advantages of the hammock include quality build, inclusion of the tree straps as well as the ability to store them in the integrated storage pocket, and a price point placing the hammock significantly less than other similar quality backcountry ready hammocks. ``

- Danny Griffis from Griffis Family Outdoors

alex from the gear nuts tries out a serac sequoia camping hammock

``After multiple trips and countless hours of hanging in the Serac Sequoia we found that this lightweight, super comfortable, and affordable hammock is perfect for the amateur camper, veteran hammock camper, and everyday lounger alike. ``

- Alex Flamm from The Gear Nuts

Our Mission.


Serac was founded with the dream of sharing a convenient, affordable, and tree friendly way of exploring the natural world. By providing a simple method of shelter, we aim to spread our passion for the outdoors to seasoned travelers and tentative newcomers alike.


Designed, tested, and inspired by the Sierra Nevada. Our background comes from designing at the most cutting edge tech firms of Salesforce and Google in San Francisco. Rest assured, our hammocks won’t let you down.

Serac Sequoia XL Double Hammock Setup