My knees buckled slightly at the sight of the narrow ridgeline in front of me. Excited and nervous at the same time, I grasped the chain and started moving. One foot in front of the other, I ignored the butterflies in my stomach that were trying to remind me of the 1500 ft sheer drop on both sides. Despite it all, I smiled, soaking in the red rock and canyon walls that I used to daydream about as a kid growing up in New York.

I grinned and turned to Jeff. “This is it.” He nodded in silent approval. Thousands of miles away from the city, we were now in Zion National Park. Peaks towered above us higher than any skyscraper. In the heart of the natural world, we knew that we had found what we were looking for.

I never felt so alive.

Angels landing zion utah

That night we set up our camp in the clumsy manner of rookie outdoorsmen. The pleasant heat of the day quickly turned to biting cold once the sun set. With numb fingers, I tried to rig up my hammock I had bought after reading an article on hammock camping before the trip. A quick flip and face-plant convinced me to abandon the attempt and I went over to help Jeff tackle the tent rainfly flailing in the wind.

Learning the art of the hammocking would have to wait.

hammock underquilt top quilt

A couple trips later, I had grasped the fundamentals of camping in my hammock and fell in love with the simple pleasure of hanging out. No matter where we went, our hammocks followed. Studying for midterms on campus, strolling along the California coastline, backpacking through Europe or hiking through multi-day treks, our camping hammocks were always stuffed in our packs.

We came together and founded Serac to spread their passion for the outdoors through products designed to help each person appreciate the moment and capture the essence of adventure. Sometimes a hammock and two trees are all you need.

Our Mission

Serac was founded with the dream of sharing a convenient, affordable, and tree friendly way of exploring the natural world. By providing a simple method of shelter, we aim to spread our passion for the outdoors to seasoned travelers and tentative newcomers alike.

Jeff zhang founder of serac hammocks

Jeff Zhang

fell in love with the outdoors at a young age growing up in the rainy Pacific Northwest. His passion for the wilderness has taken him and his camping hammock from desolate deserts to alpine lakes and everything in between. When he isn’t hitting the trail with backpack in tow, Jeff strives to share his love for the outdoors with his friends.


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