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  1. Dillon says:

    I got a Serac hammock and straps in my most recent Cairn box, and I’m very impressed. I own a number of other hammocks (I’ll leave brand names out of this) and am really like two features of the Serac sec. First, the weight of the whole kit is lighter then most comparably comfortable hammocks by a decent margin. Second, the tree strap allows for more of it’s length to be useful then the brands i’ve used in the past. Both of these are huge advantages in my book.

    One issue, the biners are not marked NOT FOR CLIMBING, which, is less then ideal on any biner, even one intended as a keychain. But when I came to the site and saw that the lockers also lack this marking (though the site at least mentions it). The lockers look, and I imagine feel, a good deal like biners that many climbers rack up before a climb. Hammock biners have been known to get mixed into racks as it stands, as multiple stories on mountain project will attest, this oversight makes it easier. Saftey is critical in outdoor gear, and I would suggest that Serac take the common step of marking all carabiners as NOT FOR CLIMBING.

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