Escaping to Hammock Paradise During the Workweek

Sometimes life gets in the way of our favorite activities. Work, shopping, the gym, walking your dog, cooking dinner can all take up valuable time that could have been spent being lazy in your hammock. On my bike rides to the gym or trips to the grocery store, I often pass by parks with beautiful trees that I wish I could go and strap in my hammock and just chill instead of doing whatever I was doing at the time. But the truth is, finding the time to hammock can be easier than it seems, especially if you have a perfectly good backyard or a balcony with some sturdy railings.

Here are a couple pointers to get you hanging out during the busiest parts of the week.

1. Hammock for Lunch

If you’re like me and like taking your hammock wherever you go, see if you can’t find a spot outside your building that’ll let you set up your hammock. Pack up your lunch and take it with you during your break and spend an hour recharging your energy with some fresh air. Fill up your belly and soak up the sun from the comfort of your hammock and be the envy of all your classmates, coworkers and any other confused people passing by.

eating lunch in a hammock

2. Dog park slacking

If you regularly take your dog to the dog park, try hammocking with your dog next time. Find some trees to set up and play fetch with your favorite companion all from the comfort of your hammock. Your dog might even join you for a nap! If your dog park doesn’t have trees or you’re simply the dog walking type, take a break during your next walk to hammock up and fasten the doggy’s leash to your hammock while you enjoy a moment to yourself.

hammock slacking with the puppy

3. Netflix and chill

So you just started a new show the other day and before you know it, you’re in the middle of season 4, racing towards the fifth season 48 minutes at a time. We’ve all been there. The next time you find yourself glued to the couch eagerly counting down the 30 seconds until the next episode starts, grab your laptop, tablet or phone outside and start watching from the comfort of your hammock. Not only are you doubling the leisure of watching TV while chilling in the hammock, being outside will balance out some of the more negative effects of staying inside for hours. Remember to bring a blanket in case it gets cold, and sneak some snacks into your hammock pouch.

4. Post-gym relaxation

After a tough workout, set aside a couple minutes to relax and recover in your hammock. Let your body cool down and focus on breathing exercises to bring your body back to a relaxed state after pumping iron. Many people tout the benefits of meditation, and while lounging in a hammock might not seem meditative, doing some breathing exercises from the comfort of your hammock is a great way to train the mind after training the body.

post workout hammock relaxing

5. Work in the hammock

For those that have a job that lets them work from home, consider bringing out your laptop and doing some work away from your desk. Many people report feeling more productive when they get some fresh air. For students, the hammock is a great place to focus on homework or to do some reading away from the confines of the library.

reading a book while relaxing in a hammock

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