Serac Ultralight Camping Hammock
One minute easy setup - no knots, no ropes, no poles. Comfort is just a clip away. Catch some z's in your hammock and you'll never want to be grounded again
Classic Serac Adventure Hammock with Suspension System
Written by: Matthew Rispoli
Date Published: 01/05/2016
We love our hammock. It's amazing how easy and quick it is to set up (& put away!). It is a perfect Hammock to bring backpacking because it's light weight, but also a great hammock to bring on a day hike or even while relaxing at a park. So comfortable! We know that we will be using ours for years to come.
5 / 5 stars
Serac Hammock
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Serac Hammock Reviews

307 5 star rating

“This product was actually exactly as it said it was! Literally less than a minute and it went up! It’s strong, comfortable, and durable. Totally enhanced our camping experience and well worth the price! Thanks Serac! Recommending for anyone who camps!”

– Andrew Chaffkin

“We love our hammock. It’s amazing how easy and quick it is to set up (& put away!). It is a perfect Hammock to bring backpacking because it’s light weight, but also a great hammock to bring on a day hike or even while relaxing at a park. So comfortable! We know that we will be using ours for years to come.”

– The Rispoli’s

“This hammock ROCKS!

Setup — Setting the hammock up can be really fast with just one person, provided you find trees that are the right distance apart. My method is to secure the straps on the trees by throwing them around the tree and tightening them first, and then clip the hammock onto them. If you pick the right trees the first time it easily takes less than 5 minutes to set up.


Size & Weight — Once everything’s in the pouch, it’s very light and compact. The hammock is really easy to stuff into the pouch, and I really like how the pouch stays attached to the hammock. It also makes a great phone holder or other storage for while you’re in the hammock.


Comfort — This hammock is VERY comfortable. I like the way it wraps around me. The sides go up high enough that I don’t feel like it would be possible to fall out.


Durability — I’ve jumped into the hammock a few times and it seems very durable and strong. Also, I’ve laid down with another person in it, but I wouldn’t really recommend that for very long because it’s hard to find a comfortable way to do that. It’s definitely only designed for one person to lay down, but seems OK for two people to sit in it side-by-side. I’ve had three people in it at one point (see picture) but this is not recommended because it was probably pushing the 350lb limit!

This hammock is always a hit when I set it up! Everyone wants to take a turn.


UPDATE: I now have the NEW and improved version of this hammock! All the good stuff I said in the original review is the same. I pointed out some issues, so here’s a follow up on those:


1) Clips — They’re a lot better now. There is a black finish on them, and they don’t get stuck on the straps since the edges are not as sharp!


2) Pouch — Problem solved! See 3


3) Straps — Last time, I thought the straps might be too short. They are now longer! But also, they are narrower. So even though they’re longer, they seem to fit into the bag much more easily. I don’t know if the bag is bigger or the straps are just more compact or both, but the whole package is much easier to fit into the bag than it was originally.

BTW, I bet you are wondering what I did with the original hammock now that I got the new one… well, it’s hanging from the ceiling in my apartment! (I added a new picture of my friend Ryan laying in it)”


– John Ganotis

3 people testing out the weight limit for a customer review on serac ultralight camping hammock
John Ganotis customer review on serac ultralight camping hammock
Sebastion Kim's southeast backpacker and traveler customer review on serac ultralight camping hammock

“I felt like I was in an over-sized cradle. In other words, I slept and relaxed like a baby in this hammock.

It was so easy to set up! The straps that come with the hammock easily ties around trees without destroying the bark AND I DID NOT NEED TO LEARN HOW TO TIE A PERFECT KNOT – so suffice it to say, it was a damn fast setup. I did this all by myself in less than a hot New York (5) minutes.


I admit, as a 5′ 10″, 183 pound dude (and a non-insured backpacker in South East Asia), I was afraid that the whole thing would collapse. But guess what? I’m still going to eat at McDonalds and I will continue to sleep in this hammock. Oh yeah, I can also put my beer can/water bottle in the hanging pouch that’s attached to the side of the hammock. Pretty much icing on the cake.


Excellent hammock. I’m telling all my hostel mates to get on it!”


– Sebastian Kim

“As someone who owns several hammocks already, I was expecting this to be an inexpensive option for my brother. But I was not expecting this to wow me the way it did! My brother absolutely adores his new hammock and it holds up against any of the more expensive hammocks I own. To do a full breakdown:


Materials/Construction: Very high quality nylon, upon comparing it to my Eno I could tell no difference between the two. Stitching is very well done- triple stitched everywhere except the outer edges (just like Eno). It comes with the ropes and carabiners already attached which is awesome for people who don’t have much experience tying knots or just want the hammock to come ready-to-hang! The attached stuff-sack is good quality as well, it doesn’t look like there will be any issues with unraveling.


Straps: The straps are excellent, the daisy chain design is my favorite because its super easy to adjust to get just the right angles. For those who need extra-long straps for huge trees or far distances you might need a longer strap, but we’ve had no issue with the straps being too short. Most hammocks don’t come with any straps so I was very excited that this one does. They fit into the bag along with the hammock (no need for a second strap bag). So far no complaints of straps stretching or ending up on the ground!


Setup: Setup was super quick. It took a 10-year-old approximately 1~2 minutes to set this up on his own the FIRST time we set it up.


Comfort: Very comfy, fits one adult laying down or two kids. If you’re sitting upright I’d say you could easily put two adults in there. Similar dimensions to Eno, works for tall people too!


Durability: While I can’t speak long term yet, this hammock survived a week of camping as well as casual use so far with no issues. It has a sturdy construction and it is clearly not cheaply made. Also, Serac has AWESOME customer service and there’s a 5-year warranty, so you honestly can’t go wrong here.


Overall, if you’re trying to decide what hammock to get, get this one. Good quality, the price is excellent, 5-year warranty, and you don’t have to worry about ordering straps separately. I’m very happy with this purchase!”


– Katherine

“This hammock is amazing. It was very comfortable. After receiving it, I could wait to try it out. The hammock is very well made, could support me and another person. The stitching is really well done. It’s tripled stitched so it’s doesn’t rip easily. It could be set up quite quickly, set it up less than ten minutes in my backyard. I am really glad I made this purchase.”

– Sean

“When I received my hammock earlier this week I could not wait to try it out. I was happy to see that it was in fact ultralight, while still durable. The tree hugger straps are an added bonus and make sure that the tree enjoys Serac as much as you do. It’s nice to know that Serac is just as concerned about the environment as they are about creating an enjoyable and memorable experience for their customers. With sound and reliable management behind an impressive product, I will without a doubt be trusting my business for all my outdoor needs to Serac. I’m so happy to have received this product to test and will be buying hammocks for all of my friends to hang out in for Summer 2015!”

– Kimberly Brower

“Bought this as a gift for Mother’s Day and my mom loved it! I’m an avid backpacker, but she’s only set up a hammock herself once before and was pretty confused by all the knots. Setup with this hammock and the tree hugger straps (surprised they were included – most of the the time I buy them separately) was pretty quick and easy for her. She was a little nervous sitting down but it was great to see how comfortable she was when she settled in!

-Brianna Galgano

“I like this hammock even better than my friends Eno Single Nest. I am over 6′ tall and the extra 2 feet in length really adds the the comfort. Its also a bit wider. Fits two people just fine as long as you’re okay with being very close (which has its benefits if its a cold night). The only critique I would make is that the length of the provided straps (6 feet) limit the places you will be able to hang your hammock. Also, the straps are wider than most other hammock straps which makes it a little more difficult to get the carabener through them. However, with the killer deal that Serac provides, you can buy another pair of longer suspension straps while still staying under the price of an Eno set up(Single Nest Hammock and Suspension system= approximatly $100). Serac is also a small company with excelent costumer service (I enjoy supporting small companies)! Plus, the 5 year warranty gives you some peace of mind…”

– Jacob

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