How To Make Camping More Comfortable

Camping has many advantages; it is fun, gets you to try new things, puts you outside of your ‘comfort zone,’ allows you to appreciate nature, and ensures that you can really get away from it all. However, one of the downsides is that it can be rather uncomfortable, and this is what can put some people off. If you have often thought that camping might be enjoyable, but you aren’t sure you could manage the discomfort that goes along with it, here are some tips on how to make things better.


One of the first issues you might find when you go camping is the food. Food is crucial since you need it to have the energy to explore during the day, plus if you are full, you are more likely to be able to sleep well. If you intend to catch and cook your own while you are in the wild (perhaps by fishing, or hunting small creatures such as rabbits), then you run the risk of going hungry if the weather means you can’t get out and find food.

It’s a good idea to take a cooler with you packed with food that you can easily cook over a fire or small camping stove. Make sure they are things you would eat at home as when you are camping isn’t necessarily the right time to try different food; if you don’t like it, you could be left hungry. Take snacks too – they can be useful if the campfire takes an age to light, or the stove runs out of fuel.


Something else that people worry about is the lack of sleep they feel will come with a camping trip. It’s true that a sleeping bag on the ground is not going to be comfortable, but buying a mattress or a hammock (an ideal solution, of course!) will help immensely and will make sleeping under the stars (and in your tent) a much more pleasant experience.

Buying camping equipment doesn’t have to be expensive, but it is worth paying out for some items, including a good place to sleep. You could consider looking for short term personal loans no credit check so that you definitely have everything you need to enjoy your trip. Once you have bought and paid for it, the equipment should last for many years if you care for it properly.


Just because you’re away from home on a camping trip, that doesn’t mean you have to be moving all the time and looking for new adventures; in fact, doing that will become quite stressful and you won’t feel as though you have benefitted from a good break away.

Schedule in some relaxation time where you can enjoy sitting and relaxing in the peace and quiet. Make sure to pack a book, or simply listen to the sounds of nature. If you’re with your family, bring quiet activities for the kids to do too such as coloring, a puzzle book, board games (with few pieces so they don’t get lost), or create a scavenger hunt, for example.

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