Why Hammock Indoors?

how to set up indoor hammock

Fun fact: camping hammocks are not just for relaxing after a long day’s trek, camping or being outside at all. Learn how to bring the comforts of a hammock with you, without having to step outside. We love the versatility of hammocks and how they can be used in almost any terrain – whether it be in thick forest, the beach, an icy mountainside or even.. indoors!

We’ve all noticed that hammocks are skyrocketing in popularity. Everywhere you look, you’ll find a hammock set up somewhere in the campground. But why limit this comfort to just the outdoors? Why not take it home? Not only are hammocks a great place to take a nap or relax indoors, but it adds character to your home. They add a unique and bold style to your space. Bring out your inner interior designer and spice up your space with a dash of hammock.

If you would like to add a hammock to your home, simply use anchor systems for a straightforward set up. Be mindful, however, that if set up improperly, the weight of you and your hammock can cause damage to your walls. So please follow proper instructions when setting your hammock up indoors. Another much easier option is if you already have poles or any kind of supports in your home. For me, I have support beams in my basement for my hammocks. They support my weight and are perfectly far apart. All you need in this case is to wrap your tree straps around the beams and clip your hammock carabiners in. And you’re all set!

With hammocking indoors, you’ll be protected from all the elements. No need to set up a hammock tarp or underquilt or bug net (unless you live somewhere really tropical!). Get all the benefits of the hammock without worrying about the forces of nature.

Share your enjoyment with others! When you have guests over, they won’t need to sleep on the couch or floor anymore. Serac Hammocks are compact and space saving. Your guests will have a comfortable option to sleep in without you having to have an extra room or buy extra beds.

Indoor hammocks can be just as enjoyable and useful as outdoor hammocks. So go ahead and hang it – I bet you won’t regret it.

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