You Can Hammock in Any Terrain

Are you a camping and adventure lover? Camping trips allow you to get closer to nature and gives you an opportunity to embrace yourself in its beauty. People have often thought of tents being the only option for accommodation when going on a camping trip. For such people, hammocks are an adventurous option for them and their family to enjoy the trip differently. You might be of the opinion that camping hammocks can be set only when camping in trees. Also, you might think that there are places where hammocks are just impossible to set. But the good news is that hammocks can be set at just any place of your choice, any kind of terrain is suitable for them. There is a wide range of hammocks available, from expedition backpacking to ultralight parachute nylon to rope hammocks. Serac, Hennessey, Eno and Grand Trunk are some popular brands selling the best of the hanging experience.

Hammocks the ultimate Choice

Any kind of terrain you might plan to camp at, a hammock can serve you completely with full satisfaction. No need to search for sturdy trees if you are in a desert or on a peaceful beach. Even if you are camping above the tree line, rocks and boulders can perfectly support the hanging of your hammock. People have even tried hanging their hammock from large cacti and other non-tree objects in the most deserted areas. It is just a matter of using the right kind of tools at the right place. All you need is to be creative with your surroundings and explore the possibilities of setting up your hammock. A benefit which your hammock provides is the safe hanging experience. You need not worry about the rough surface as in rocky areas. No need being afraid of being attacked by scorpions or other insects while camping in a desert. Since you are sleeping above the ground, it is more convenient and safe there. A hammock opens up for all kinds of terrains; you just have to be careful while suspending it at your campsite. Prepare yourself well with the hanging kit and tools which you might need before leaving for your trip. When car camping, your car can act as the best spot for hanging the hammock.


Hammocks can easily replace your traditional tenting system and act as your everyday go-to camping buddy. Hammock camping is an easier and convenient way of camping. When camping with nature one has to get closer to it, explore it and that is when we get to know its marvel. Hammocks are best for those backpackers and adventure lovers that are ready to go beyond the barriers and make a new world open for them.

In worst scenarios when you are unable to find the right place to pitch or the right support system to hang your hammock, your hammock can act as a variant of tent with just a little creative thinking. One can also carry handy hammock stands which are portable and give excellent support to hang your hammock. Try using your hammock in just any kind of terrain, any type of weather and believe it or not you will fall in love with it. With hammock camping the place doesn’t matter, the climate doesn’t matter, what is important is being adventurous with it. Hammock camping will leave you fresh and cheerful for the next day. The up gradation of technology and innovation has made a comfortable and adventurous back packing experience a possibility.

hammock camping without trees


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