Serac Overhang Rain Fly

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$124.95 $39.95

  • 100% waterproof PU coated nylon
  • Super simple setup
  • 12ft long – spacious enough for all hammocks
  • Adjustable coverage keeping you dry & warm
  • 3 bold colors to match your style
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Serac overhang lightweight raintarp lineloc system

Line-Loc Technology

We promise to make set up as simple as possible. Easily adjust the tension of your ridgeline and the position of your guy lines with the our new Line-Loc system. No more memorizing confusing knots.

In just a few seconds, get the perfect shelter every time.

Cozy Up During Downpours

Every rainfly is made with ripstop nylon coated in polyurethane to provide a weatherproof barrier between you and nature’s fury. Stay dry and comfy even during heavy storms.

We all love the sun, but there’s something magical about drifting off in your hammock to the pitter-patter of raindrops on tarp.

Serac overhang lightweight raintarp waterproof

Overhang Rain Fly Setup

"Honey, I'm going to set up the hammock!" John tells his wife.

1 minute later... "Hammock's done." John says.

"Are you sure you want to set up a hammock?" John's wife asks, "It's supposed to rain this afternoon..."

1 minute later... "Hammock rain fly set up!" John says.

Yeah, it's that easy.