Summer Camping Hacks

Summer is here – the best time to go camping with friends and family! You’ve been waiting all year to get out and camp this summer. Like most people, I love the idea of camping, but on long trips, I’ll miss some of the comforts from home. With these tips, you’ll be able to bring along some of these creature comforts and transform your camping experience.

  • Use a shoe organizer to keep your kitchen tools and other supplies. It’s a handy organizer and will keep your supplies off the ground and dirt-free.

shoe organizer camping hack

  • Use empty tic-tac boxes for keeping spices and other condiments to be used for cooking at the campsite. They can also be used to store and carry other small items too.

tic tac camping hack

  • Fill a gallon jug with water and attach a head lamp to illuminate your tent. The jug of water will diffuse the intense beam from your headlamp.


  • Dip cotton pads in wax, let them dry and carry them as fire starters.


  • Make DIY lanterns by painting empty jars with non-toxic ‘glow in the dark’ paint.

glow in the dark paint diy lantern camping hack

  • Use straws and will them with toothpaste and other ointments for single use. Just cut the straws into small rectangles, first seal one end with a lighter, fill in the required quantity and seal the other end too. Handy single-use packets are ready to go.


  • Reuse an old coffee can or any other can to prepare a convenient to use TP dispenser.

coffee can toilet paper dispenser camping hack

  • Make your own hand washing station out of the empty detergent dispenser.


  • Carry your ultralight backpacking hammock to enhance your camping experience. Get rid of the monotonous difficulties of pitching tents; setup and suspend in seconds. Enjoy the comfort of sleeping while hanging and avoid the dangers of sleeping on the ground.

ultralight backpacking hammock camping hack

  • Get creative by using coffee filter paper and dental floss to make single serve coffee packets. Get a kick of energy when you need it!


  • Pack your first aid kit in an old box or bottle to save space.


  • Get romantic by using torch-like candle stakes at your campsite.

romantic candle camping hack



  • Carry “just add water” pancake mix on your trip. Add water, mix and cook. A great breakfast with little hassle.

campfire pancakes

  • Use egg cartons as a portable fire starter. Light the carton on fire. As the fire burns, the coals will catch!

coal egg carton camping hack

  • Entertain the kids by letting them paint on empty cans. Decorate your site by hanging them from trees, or setting them around your hammocks.

empty can painting camping hack

  • Cook canned cinnabuns or even cup cakes in hollowed out oranges in a campfire.

cinnabun in orange

  • Another way to keep kids entertained is to engage them in scavenger hunt around the campground.


  • Carry microfiber towels to save weight on multi day trips. They are extremely absorbent and ultralight.

ultralight camping micro fiber cloth camping hack



Take your friends and family on a trip they won’t forget with the luxuries of everyday life. Try out these little tricks and spend a great time camping and relaxing.




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