Things you should Know about Leave No Trace Shelters

leave no trace

Enjoying yourself in nature is one of your favorite past times. But everyone’s guilty of getting a little carried away and sometimes a little careless. We may forget a scrap or two here and there. We may have left an ember thinking, “it’s no big deal, it’ll die out”. These little things can add up, especially with the growing number of people getting outdoors. We all have to do our part in preserving our planet.

Enjoying the outdoors thoughtfully

What does it mean to be a responsible hammock camper? You’ve all noticed the recent influx of hammocks popping up at the campgrounds. Camping hammocks are great – they’re lightweight, compact, portable and can even be environmentally friendly.


“Leave No Trace Principle #2: Travel and camp on durable surfaces. Campsites are found, not made.”


Sometimes, it’s really tough to find a sturdy campsite in the backcountry. After a day of trekking, it’s tempting to shift some boulders around and just set up your tent. An easier option would be to find a set of trees and set up your hammock, without disturbing anything on the ground. But don’t forget the tree straps. Most hammocks come with a set of ropes. But using rope alone will tear through the tree bark, damaging the tree. With tree straps, you’ll spread out the weight of you and the hammock, protecting the tree from any damage. Plus, with hammocks, you won’t have to worry about the ground being uneven, rocky, or even wet. Learn more about the benefits of hammocks.

great views from your hammock


“Leave No Trace Principle #7: Be considerate of other visitors”


With the growing popularity of National Parks and the outdoors in general, campgrounds are becoming more and more packed. It becomes difficult to truly experience nature when you’re surrounded by dozens of other tents – sometimes within a few feet or your site!

You can give yourself some more breathing room by setting up a hammock. It’s just a small sling in between 2 trees. You won’t take up much space, plus, you’ll have more room for activities! Your campsite will feel a lot roomier than it has when you had to set up that bulky tent. You’ll even give your fellow camper their own space so you can all enjoy the outdoors.


laying in a hammock

Get outside, but remember to be responsible and leave no trace.

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