4 Must Know Tips for the Dog Camper

camping with dogs

Camping is one my favorite pastimes. But to take my pup along, it just got even better!

We’ll go through some tips and things to know before taking your pup on their next outdoor excursion.


Tip #1: Know campground rules

Before taking your dog out on a camping adventure, make sure to look up the campground’s rules & regulations. Some campgrounds will completely restrict bringing pets to your campsite. While others allow pets, there may also be breed restrictions.

I also like to bring along a few different leases. While at the campground, dogs usually can’t come off lease (some parks will allow this), so I bring a long 20 foot training leash to allow him to roam around and enjoy himself. But be wary of nearby campers, most people love dogs, but you don’t want your dog to intrude on their space.



Tip #2: Bring a first aid kit

You never know what can happen during a camping trip. It’s better to be safe than sorry! Here are some must have items in your pet first aid kit

  • Dog safe tick and big repellent
  • Dog safe sunscreen
  • Benadryl – some bugs can do nasty things to your dog
  • Super glue – for bad cuts and lacerations
  • Tweezer
  • Lots of water!

Even if your dog is on a monthly regiment of Frontline. It’s always good to bring repellent to prevent the ticks from hitching a ride home and latching onto others.



Tip #3: Know where the nearest vet is

Be sure to print out a map of the nearest ER and vet hospital. If things really turn south, you’ll waste no time in getting your dog where they can get some help. On that same note, also figure out where the closest pet sitter in that area is located. In case anything happens and you need to board them. And don’t forget about their medical records!


Tip #4: Basic obedience

With so many new sights, sounds and smells your pup may get carried away. If you’re letting them off leash, (and it’s allowed by the park) you’ll want to be 100% certain that they will respond to your recall. Out in the wilderness, they sometimes lose their “civilized” behavior and return to their natural instincts of running off and chasing small animals.

A nice bonus command is if they can respond to “shh”. You don’t want your dog to disturb your neighbors at night. Be sure your dog has a few of the basic commands down before taking him camping.

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